Exhibition views



isak-chung-unmake-lab-taewon-heo-minor-adjustment-02(Left to right) panels: MOTOElastico, Isak Chung, Unmake Lab, Taewon Heo, Minor Adjustment / table: Agnieszka Pokrywka, Humberto Duque, Seokmin Kong, Ahram Lee.
map-jedsada-tangtrakulwong-julien-coignet(Left to right) Interventions map / panels: Jedsada Tangtrakulwong, Julien Coignet / Table : Ahram Lee, Seokmin Kong, Humberto Duque, Agnieska Pokrywka.
listen-to-the-city-willi-dornerListen to the city, Willi Dorner.
unmake-lab-listen-to-the-cityUnmake Lab, Listen to the city.
willi-dornerWilli Dorner
florian-goldmann-seokmin-ko(from left to right) Florian Goldmann, Seokmin Kong, Isak Chung, Taewon Heo
humberto-duque-musquiqui-chihyingHumberto Duque, Musquiqui Chihying, Isak Chung.
peoples-architecture-officePeople’s Architecture Office, Pipe Dreams
julien-coignetJulien Coignet, Mosaic Project

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